When Wheaton techno-popper Bev Stanton set out to generate some publicity for Sperm Warfare, a cassette by her solo project Arthur Loves Plastic, she mailed promo copies to music journals from Toronto to Taipei. One recipient was the British fanzine Music From the Empty Quarter. As luck would have it, the publication also runs its own label, T.E.Q. Music, and staffers were so taken with Stanton’s work that they gave her the best review possible—a record deal. “I wasn’t even really shopping my music around,” chuckles Stanton, erstwhile drum programmer for Then There Were None, “but this happened.” T.E.Q. has re-released Sperm on CD. Stanton, meanwhile, has put out another Arthur Loves Plastic cassette on her own. Like Sperm, Zero State was recorded using the “MIDI arsenal” in the basement of Stanton’s home. Zero is available for $3, postage included, from Arthur Loves Plastic, P.O. Box 66294, Washington, DC 20035; for information on how to acquire Sperm, call (301) 949-5513.