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Smarmy lead vocals, a bossa nova beat, and a thirst for mixed drinks do not guarantee lounge authenticity. Despite the fact that its liner notes are composed by one “Señor Amor,” the 14- song anthology Livin’ Lounge: The Fabulous Sounds of Now! does not include nearly enough xylophone tinklings, mellowphone riffs, or suavity. D.C.’s Zimmermans contribute “Portuguese Woman,” a song about TV-channel-surfing that combines a scornful male voice listing cable options, sultry female vocals (in Portuguese, of course), and soundbites of canned laughter and newscasts. This tune is among Livin’ Lounge‘s successes, but the disc includes a sizable contingent of duds as well—artsy jazzers the Lounge Lizards lack that crucial Casio rhythm, and you just can’t snap your fingers to Gallon Drunk. Only Buster Poindexter, with the brassy “Knock’m Down Whiskey,” nails true lounge—but his overblown antics go down about as smooth as a martini with too much vermouth.