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THE “NEWS OF THE WEIRD” story (4/21) about deaf people isn’t surprising, but some may question if it belonged in the same article as a story about a group of comedians who blow themselves up with firecrackers in their pants, and Russian lumberjacks who were paid in tampons when their employer was short on cash.

We are not a weird minority who thrive on our identity. Would you call the African-Americans weird because of their color? How do you determine the benchmark of human race and configuration?

What is wrong with you? Are you thriving on sleaziness of news to enhance your financial status? You do not understand the scope of deafness and its history and culture. You do not bother to inquire with the deaf community to find out why the deaf parents are celebrating the birth of their deaf children. You do not bother to find out why the cochlear implant is a controversial issue in the deaf community. You do not find out about the abuses that the deaf people have received from a misguided and misunderstood hearing populace who insisted on mending the “anomaly” of human race. Had the effect been reversed to where the hearing is a small minority in deaf majority, would you feel obliged to have your ears pierced or severed in order to be normal? What is wrong with being deaf? You are a weird breed of human race! You have no heart for the diversity of human race. You are exemplary example of Nazism and its ill-fated scheme of human eugenics by printing this beautiful example of yellow journalism! You ought to be ashamed! This is 1995, not 1965 or 1955. As Ann Landers said often, wake up and smell the coffee! We will nominate you for the Bonehead Award of the Year!

Dallas, Texas, via the Internet