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At a recent Bayou gig, Jason & the Scorchers’ lead singer Jason Ringenberg swilled bottled water from a gallon jug, bass player Jeff Johnson knocked back a couple of Sharps, and guitarist Warner E. Hodges politely declined a beer proffered by a fan, saying, “Thanks—don’t drink.” Recovery seems to suit the Scorchers live, as the show they put on was every bit as sweaty as their performances of 10 years ago. But for a band whose definitive early composition was “Broken Whiskey Glass,” the straight and narrow undercuts the subtext of virtually all their best early songs. It has rejected the decadent myths that inspired it, but the band hasn’t found anything compelling to replace them with. A Blazing Grace sounds just like early Scorchers records, with Hodges’ stinging guitar leading the way, and the group’s ripsnorting version of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” recalls the glories of earlier reworkings like “Absolutely Sweet Marie” and “Lost Highway.” “Cry by Night Operator” and “One More Day of Weekend” are serviceable punk rockabilly, but the, um, fervor these guys used to exude seems to be lost in the sordid past.