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Seriously, now. Did anyone really ask for an ABBA revival? Well, any way, it’s comforting to know that despite the continuing popularity of Swedish schlock-pop, Scandinavia’s death-metal movement festers apace (the scene’s been connected to numerous reports of satanic masses, ritual murders, and the like). While Swedish duo Misery Loves Co. seems less concerned with the Evil Master than with life’s general unpleasantness, its deliriously brutal assault oughta satisfy the average devil-worshiper. Patrik Wiren and Öjan Örukloo craft a sound that’s half grindcore, half industrial, with galvanizing results: “My Mind Still Speaks” and “Need Another One” follow a convulsive course, while “The Only Way” gallops at head-spinning speed and “Happy?” explores the quieter side of paranoid psychosis. All this, plus extra-super bonus points for sampling Voivod on “Private Hell.”