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What makes hardcore hardcore? Elemental rhythms, gruff guitars, barked vocals, refrains like “It’s a lie,” “fuck you!,” and “I’m guilty”? The Suspects provide all those things on their eponymous 10-song (one of them hidden) CD, plus a vigorous competence that could almost be called professionalism. (Some of these guys have been around awhile, like drummer Kent Stax, formerly of pre-David-Grohl Scream.) Fast, furious, and polemical, songs like “Mind Control,” “Swords of the Fallen,” “Land of Fortune,” and “Riot” reanimate the old hardcore agenda: Government leaders (and, by implication, your parents) are liars, the U.S. is an imperialist power, consumer capitalism is a fraud, it’s all gonna fall apart/burn up/ crumble down, plus we’re bored. (“Waiting to the action/There’s nothing here/Waiting to the action/ Sometime next year,” laments “Blitz,” the album’s standout track.) This seems sincere enough, and the sentiments, if a bit simplistic, certainly fit the form and function of the revved-up, stripped- down songs. The Suspects might stand out better in a lineup, though, if their most effective gambits weren’t derived from such obvious models. The urgent “Blitz,” for example, is arresting enough, but its plangent police-siren riff rather obviously echoes The Clash. The album is available from Torque Records, 3510 N. 8th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20010.