Lately, the Heartworms have been more conspicuous than Velocity Girl, the full-time band of principal ‘worm Archie Moore. In addition to its recent album, Space Escapade, the impromptu outfit—which includes Moore, Trish Roy, and occasional others—has released a three- song single, leading with the sorta- smooth, sorta-rough “If Everything Goes as Planned.” The Popfactory platter also features another original, the drowsy and ultimately growly “A Heartworm Reflects,” but the most striking melody comes courtesy of Billy Bragg’s “A Lover Sings.”

In the same envelope that brought the Heartworms, Popfactory sent a four-song 7-inch of gentle jangle by the Shapiros. “For about two weeks in August 1994, the shapiros were: bart, pam, trish, and scott” explains the sleeve. That’s probably the same Trish, since the disc was “recorded and mixed by Archie Moore.” This music is wispier, and the ephemeral ensemble’s affinity for K Records-style “love rock” would be clear even if the disc didn’t include a version of Beat Happening’s “Cry for a Shadow,” which is well on its way to becoming the “Louie, Louie” of Olympia’d pop-rock. Of the originals, the 40-second “Hundred Times” goes by like a balmy breeze, but the dulcet “Make Me Smile” offers an almost- Heavenly tune. Popfactory singles are $3.50 postpaid (checks payable to Josh Banks) from 1010 25th St. NW, 706, Washington, DC 20037.