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I AM WRITING IN RESPONSE to “Cold Glocked” (4/7).

Three brief comments: Gun controllers continue to repeat the tired mantra that D.C.’s crime problem is a result of the lack of gun control in Virginia. The guns smuggled into D.C. are legally available in Northern Virginia, yet Northern Virginia’s murder rate is 16 times less. Are these somehow magic guns which become 16 times more lethal when they cross the Potomac? Gun controllers, please explain why the source of the guns is so much safer than the recipient.

My second comment is that the massacre in Killeen, Texas, shows the failure of gun control, not the need for more of it. Susan Gratia left her revolver in the car when she and her parents went into the restaurant because of Texas’ strict right-to-carry laws. She saw her parents gunned down knowing that she could have stopped Hennard if she had her gun with her.

Finally, the controversy over high-capacity clips tends to be much ado about nothing. In both Stockton, Calif., and Killeen, the death toll would have been the same even if both killers had been restricted to 10-round clips because the rates of fire were so low. It takes very little time to change magazines. I am unaware of anyone who actually knows something about guns (unlike gun controllers who tend to be totally ignorant on the subject) who thinks that smaller clips will actually save lives in similar situations in the future.

Arlington, Va.