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WHY DID YOU WASTE MY time and your readers’ with “Fear and Moaning in the D.C. Jails”(3/24)? What was the writer trying to convey?

The story was of a middle- to upper-middle-class white woman who worked for scum and did not care for their clientele. This woman watched a few too many TV shows of prison. Granted, the jail is not a happy or serene place, but was this woman attacked, raped, or murdered? No. This was a story of a scared white woman who feared for her life every time she entered the facility but was never attacked. It was hard reading the article because it was the same emotions played out repeatedly. Maybe she should have been attacked so there would have been a good justification in her frenzy emotion.

My mother worked in a prison for seven years and was never attacked. When asked how she related to the inmates, she would merely state, “First you treat them as human beings and give them respect you would give a stranger.” If this woman looked at them as humans instead of sex-starved beasts that would grab anything in a skirt, she would be better able to deal with her job. Washington City Paper has had very intriguing and interesting stories in the past. This time I’m afraid you get a thumbs-down.

Columbia Heights