I AM AMAZED THAT THE UFO controversy is still being debated over with such ferocity (“Little Green Questions,” The District Line, 4/7). I personally believe in UFOs despite the fact that I don’t recall ever having seen one myself.

When one person comes up with a story about a small gray being with two big, hypnotic eyes and a round ship, there is a likely chance that it’s a hoax or the person has some serious psychological problems, but when millions of people from ancient times to this very day report UFO sightings and abduction experiences, we need to take them seriously. There is an explanation out there somewhere. We have life here on planet Earth, so why is it so hard to imagine that life could exist on another planet in a different galaxy? We have made great advances in technology so why is it not possible that another life form exists on another planet and happens to be more advanced than we are? It has been postulated the aliens are here to try and save their dying population by inbreeding with the human species and thereby forming hybrids. Perhaps we need to stop and realize that all this technology is not so positive and a panacea for all of our problems after all, but could create other problems in and of itself.

Last but not least, there are a myriad of things that the U.S. government and all governments keep top secret. Maybe they do have proof that extraterrestrial life forms exist but are keeping it confidential. I read a story once that the government has a dead alien or two frozen somewhere because its ship had crashed. Simply put, the government does not reveal everything to the masses and most likely never will so don’t wait for a government announcement any time soon. The moral of this letter is that everything is possible and since we are possible, so are other forms of life in other places we cannot travel to yet.

Bethesda, Md., via the Internet