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Outraged by an article in last week’s Washington City Paper (“Cold Glocked,” 4/7), which revealed that the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) had entered into a trade-in agreement that would allow Glock Inc. to skirt the federal assault weapons ban, D.C. Council Chairman Dave Clarke has drafted emergency and permanent legislation that would prohibit MPD from transferring weapons to anyone other than law enforcement personnel. Under its agreement with Glock, MPD would receive free, new 9mm semiautomatic guns and clips, and Glock would get the department’s 5,300 used guns and 15,900 used high-capacity clips that hold up to 19 rounds of ammunition. Because MPD’s old clips were manufactured before Sept. 13, 1994, when President Clinton signed the assault weapons ban, Glock would be able to sell or distribute them to ordinary citizens, whereas clips that hold more than 10 rounds made since that date can only be sold to police. The council will vote on Clarke’s emergency legislation on May 2.