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IT HAD TO HAPPEN. AS soon as Jack Shafer leaves, your letter columns are infested by granola-eating, cud-chewing, tree- hugging, bulimic whiners. I refer to the mincing, prancing, protein-challenged, cranium-deficient people who have nothing better to do than to denounce Matt Labash as a heartless, First World-loving, capitalist tool of the white male meat-eating heterosexist plutocratic cognitive elite (“Meat Cleavers,” The District Line, 3/24; The Mail,3/31).

I thought Labash’s article was pretty funny. And as an unrepentant carnivore, I am proud to say that vegetarians and animal rights activists ought to get a life and have a steak. If they had more protein, perhaps they wouldn’t whine so much. I now get twice the pleasure I used to get from eating meat, because not only do I enjoy a fine meal, but I do so knowing that with every bite I make the lives of people like Scott Williams, Betsy Swart, Graham Wood, Erik Piepenburg, and Bill Dollinger more miserable.

Silver Spring, Md.