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I WOULD LIKE TO COMment on “Meat Cleavers” (The District Line, 3/24) and the response to it (The Mail, 3/31). When are people going to learn to leave each other alone, and stop all the hatred? Vegetarians have every right in the world to be that way, but why is it that they try and put their values on people who like to eat meat?

One of the letters said the vegetarian movement was growing. That may be true, but so is the amount of people who are meat eaters. Has anyone noticed the amount of hamburgers McDonald’s is up to? Anyway, vegetarians complain about how animals are treated by meat handlers. How about farmers who harvest vegetables? Those poor carrots, beets, and heads of lettuce, being taken from their warm beds of dirt. Being ripped from the ground by harsh, savage pieces of metal, while the farmers responsible laugh out loud at the sadistic, gleeful carnage that is going on. Murders, murders, murders.

In other words, in a world where women are raped and made to feel they are responsible, where husbands/boyfriends feel that they have a right to mentally and physically beat and hurt their wives/girlfriends, there is a hell of a lot more to worry about than the hate produced by both sides of this issue. Grow the hell up, people. Love is the only answer to any problem, not the hate that both sides of this issue are producing.

Gaithersburg, Md.