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IT IS OBVIOUS THAT Matt Labash (“Meat Cleavers,” The District Line, 3/24) is a man who is not a vegetarian and is afraid of peas and carrots, probably smokes a pack a day, and complains to his doctor when his chest feels tight, prefers a 12-pack of Bud Light to a pint of apple juice, and has been brainwashed to believe that the secretion of a post-delivery cow “does a body good.” He is like most human beings, afraid to step from the norm even after being told over and over again that eating or drinking certain products may not be the best thing for human consumption. Sure, everyone has the right and freedom of choice to eat, smoke, and drink what they want, but that does not make it moral, ethical, and natural because it happens to be legal and found at your favorite grocery store.

I am not a vegan zealot! I have eaten animal flesh for more than 30 years. However, I am too intelligent to dismiss these food and medical claims as unfounded. If one smokes and never gets lung cancer, that is fine. If your diet consists of meats and you don’t develop colon cancer, that’s great, but why take a chance with your health?

The next time you pull up to a juicy steak or pork chop, ask yourself these logical questions (Let’s pretend we are Mr. Spock): What nutritional category does animal blood fall under and what is the FDA-recommended daily allowance for animal blood? When you gulp down a tall glass of milk, ask yourself, why am I breast feeding from a cow? Am I a baby calf and my mother a cow? I bet you are now saying, “Golly gee, I never thought of that, honey! Throw out them pork chops and that quart of milk, I’ve just been enlightened.”