Tom Principato’s first release since relocating to Austin, In the Clouds, confirms that the guitarist hasn’t lost the flair for the power blues that made him a local fave so long ago. When not paying homage to Hendrix—the heavily chorused “(It Musta Been Some Kinda) Blues Thing” and the wah-wahed “Knockin’ on the Door” are but two examples—Principato is tipping his trademark brimmed hat to early-’70s Jeff Beck: The grand soloing on the title cut and “In a Dream” could’ve been sampled from Blow by Blow. Principato performs Friday at Tornado Alley and Saturday at the Glen Echo Park Spanish Ballroom. Clouds can be ordered ($9.50 cassette, $15.50 CD) from Powerhouse Records, P.O. Box 14290, Austin, TX 78761-4290.