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Yet another reasonably satisfying musical companion to a thoroughly awful movie, the Hideaway soundtrack features the abrasive industrial tunes that, irritatingly, play second fiddle to Trevor Jones’ noxious original score during the Jeff Goldblum, um, thriller. Viewed simply as an industrial sampler, Hideaway succeeds by offering a wide spectrum of sounds: The languid strains of Oedipussy’s “She Believes in Me” balance nicely with the rasping thrash of Fear Factory’s “Scumgrief.” Particularly satisfying is Front Line Assembly’s “Surface Patterns,” a rollicking track constructed around a sampled Pantera riff. As always, the various-artists mix presents a few losers (a couple of the Jones compositions are included, while Die Warzau’s “All Good Girls” seems a bit too cheery among its morose company), but the inclusion of almighty Godflesh and its caustic “Nihil” excuses the slow patches.