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The woeful District government has been pilloried in both houses of Congress and slammed by every newspaper and television station within 100 miles of the Wilson Building, but all that punishment evidently doesn’t satisfy the editors of Financial World. In what can best be described as a journalistic piling-on, the New York-based magazine has just ranked D.C. as “unmistakably the worst managed” of the 30 largest cities in the country. In its survey, Financial World issued the District a report card that a school dunce would be ashamed of, giving the city a D-minus for financial management, a D-plus for “totally nonexistent” infrastructure maintenance, and a C-minus (its top mark) for information technology. (Even perennial losers such as New Orleans and Detroit managed to earn B’s and C’s.) And if that flogging wasn’t enough, Financial World tacked on a six-page article cataloging the District government’s sins. By contrast, the magazine devoted exactly half a page to the best-managed city: Phoenix.