Alzo Boszormenyi and the Acid Achievers also have a beyond-the-Beltway ambience—one of the three songs on the band’s recent 7-inch single was recorded live in Blacksburg, Va.—but competent mainstream rock is not on their agenda. “No Good Men,” one of the two studio tracks recorded by Eggs’ Rob Christiansen, features Boszormenyi arguing the fine points of Southern gentlemanliness with his own falsetto as horn player Finn McCool bleats something resembling accompaniment. Not as frantic as the British post-something jazz-punk these guys have probably heard, this nonetheless has a leisurely, abrasive lope likely to engage those who don’t much care if a song goes anyplace in particular. The disc is $3 from Nut Music, Box 5033, Herndon, VA 22070.