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WHICH GROUP HOUSE CAN claim to speak for a generation:

An earnest, restless, unfocused bunch who came to D.C. to question their lives, search for meaning, and “sort it all out,” who got their 15 minutes of fame sounding petulant, slothful, and pretentious in a Washington Post Magazine piece?


Some earnest, aggressive, goal- oriented guys who came to D.C. to pad their résumés and climb their way into the teeming masses of men in suits, who got their 15 minutes sounding whiny, self-righteous, and pompous in a Washington City Paper piece (“Generation X-asperated,” The District Line, 3/10)?

Why not let the press decide— they’re the ones who invented the whole idea, anyway.

By the way, those of us who were already here don’t actually care why you came to D.C., as long as you curb your pets and stand to the right on escalators.

Takoma Park, Md.