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REGARDING YOUR “CITY Desk” blurb on the Miss Teen All-American Pageant (3/10), I feel the slam to West Virginia was rude and unnecessary. I am certainly no fan of beauty pageants, but that’s not the point. This stereotypical attitude reflects the common theme of boosting one’s own poor image by knocking someone else. I can’t tell you how many times while skiing in West Virginia, my home state, I have heard folks from the D.C. area make loud jokes about the locals. I suppose they think we’re not only stupid and poorly dressed but deaf as well.

When my friends at home learn of my plans to move to D.C., they too make negative (and sometimes accurate) comments. I encourage them to be more open-minded. Now if I can only find a house with a front porch big enough for all my major appliances.

Elkins, W.Va.