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BEING THE “CONSCIENCE” of the “Housemates” article in the Washington Post Magazine, my wonder and amazement goes out to people like Pedro E. Ponce, who are so upset by this piece of journalistic fluff that they have to get drunk at a “local” bar and then resort to a name-calling piece in the “rival” Washington City Paper (“Generation X-asperated,” The District Line, 3/10). We as the house decided to do the Post article as something fun that might teach us a bit more about ourselves and the warped media. We are not about the slack that this overdramatized article makes it seem. We have fun, and just like Ponce, we too have our own goals.

Angst is something that left me after I bought my first Black Flag (yes, Black Flag!) record at age 15. If the article doesn’t paint a side of our distorted sarcasm, then just glance at the cover and pan to me smirking while wearing a blue and white fake fur ski jacket while posing like Al Green (sarcasm).

Sorry if Ponce is hurt that he wasn’t picked for the original article, but next time he can have it. And anyway, now his name did make the papers…how ’bout that?

Mount Pleasant