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WILL THE REAL GENERAtion X please stand up (“Generation X-asperated,” The District Line, 3/10)? I read that Washington Post Magazine article about the group house and thought, who are these people? I live in a group house too, and those people in Mount Pleasant were unrecognizable—especially in this city!

People in this city for the most part are proactive! I’m not saying we’re all driven in pursuit of the almighty dollar—we’re proactive about moving forward for whatever cause or career. I don’t know what this Generation X label means, but I know it’s not a group of slackers with a throwback to the ’60s mentality of bashing the system. It’s more like a group of people who can’t rely on the same answers or proven paths as their parents did, so they’re asking a few more questions and looking for answers. I see this as an attempt by some instruments of the media to pin a label on us because they have not figured out what to call us.

Arlington, Va., via the Internet