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“GENERATION X-ASPERated” (The District Line, 3/10), was as exasperating as the Washington Post Magazine‘s article. Both were full of stereotypes of Generation X (or whatever they’re calling us this week).

Pedro E. Ponce acts as though everyone in Washington wants to be a lawyer or work for the federal government. Obviously this isn’t the case. Those Gap employees he dismisses so blithely as “slackers” are real people with real lives. Some of them may be management candidates. I’ve worked with (or known) real estate agents, lawyers, waiters, coffeehouse baristas, writers, actors, senator’s aides, construction workers, activists, editors, and so on—all of them in their 20s (although some of us are now sliding into our 30s). All of them are members of Gen X and deserve to be heard. Sorry Ponce had to put up with some obnoxious artistic types, but as a writer working at a coffee bar, I’ve had to put up with more than my fair share of snotty twentysomethings who worked for the government. And I don’t let their obnoxiousness blind me to the fact that we’re more alike than not.

Woodley Park