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KUDOS TO PEDRO PONCE! (“Generation X-asperated,” The District Line, 3/10). As a 26-year- old professional, I applaud and wholeheartedly agree with his summation of the “Housemates” article in the Feb. 19 Washington Post Magazine. After reading “Housemates,” I found myself complaining that once again everyone in their 20s has been stereotyped into the Generation X motif. Please! My friends and I have jobs. We have managed to graduate. Some have bought homes. Most are married (in stable relationships also!). We don’t go around looking for meaning to life. We get meaning from our lives by putting meaning into them. I don’t know who first said this, but I’ve heard it a thousand times: “Life is what you make of it.” Apparently Ponce and his roommates have figured this out. I hope all of the whiny idiots in the world learn it soon.

Centreville, Va.