“CITY DESK” (3/3) CONtained an item about the D.C. Council’s recent actions regarding repeal of tax exemptions for certain organizations, including Freddie Mac (the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.). Last time I checked, Freddie Mac was headquartered in McLean, Va. Therefore, could you explain to me why Lorraine Britton, acting director of the Department of Finance and Revenue, would testify that a repeal of the tax exemption would be an incentive for Freddie Mac to relocate from the District of Columbia? Or are your “City Desk” reporters and editors asleep at the switch?

Alexandria, Va.

THE EDITOR REPLIES: Freddie Mac is headquartered in McLean. Britton and other D.C. government officials have included the agency in legislative proposals in hopes of persuading Virginia state legislators to try to repeal the corporate income tax exemption as well.