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Fudge Tunnel


It was inevitable that grindcore bands would move beyond their single-minded pursuit of speed, but none have done it better than British outfit Fudge Tunnel. On The Complicated Futility of Ignorance, the trio’s hate-drenched assault is both bludgeoning and groovy, as the loping bass of David Ryley plays off Alex Newport’s clobbering guitar on “Random Acts of Cruelty” and “Backed Down.” Even the quieter “Six Eight” manages a seething intensity. With a grind this good, you can’t expect too much of the lyrics, and Futility‘s words are about as ham-fisted as the title would suggest (chorus for “Suffering Makes Great Stories,” an anti-tabloid rant: “Argh! Gossip!”). Perhaps the lyrics for “Pope Calvin III”—one of those tiresome “hidden tracks”—are better, as they come from the relatively spry pen of Neil Fallon, vocalist for local quartet Clutch. But, as the words are unintelligible and not included in the lyric sheet, I guess we’ll never know.