The best thing about a possible glam revival (chiefly represented, for the moment, by the signing of New York’s D Generation to a major label) is the thought of enjoying unabashed party rock minus the guilt associated with listening to, say, Bon Jovi. Local quintet Beauty Queen Killerz—whose promo photo leaves little doubt about the band’s allegiance to glam acts like New York Dolls and Hanoi Rocks—capably pursues a kind of beer/sex/duh sound on its demo tape, shifting from the hustling guitars of “Boys” to the swaggering drums of “Animal,” with never a hint of social conscience. In fact, vocalist Dan Bader spends a fair amount of time soliciting women: lasciviously on “Let’s Do the Go-Go” and whimperingly on “I Found You.” Contact Beauty Queen Killerz at P.O. Box 2653, Wheaton, MD 20915-2653.