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Other generations define themselves by the Depression, a world war, or Woodstock. It looks like we might get stuck with a fictional ’70s household. “You mention The Brady Bunch and most people can identify with it,” says Bethesda- based Anthony Rubino, who has compiled that TV show’s collective wisdom in Life Lessons From the Bradys: Far-Out, Unauthorized Advice From America’s Grooviest TV Family (Plume). Rubino is better known for his comic strip Wild Kingdom, which he pioneered at American University. But now he’s tapping into the universal Brady movement. He says that his book proposal took only a couple of hours to formulate, and that two publishers soon became interested. “That was the easy part,” he recalls. Next, he spent grueling hours scanning Brady episodes for such nuggets as “Don’t date crumbs” and “Never, ever go surfing with a cursed idol around your neck.” Rubino even compiled a ’70s lexicon, whose explanations of “groovy” and “heavy,” may help viewers of other relics like The Mod Squad. While it won’t replace Robert Fulghum’s oeuvre, Lessons provides words to live by, minus the canned laughter.