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Has Wingtip Sloat gone grunge? Of course not, but there are moments that might turn a Soundgarden fan’s head on the enigmatic NoVa band’s new album—as in real, two-sided, 33 1/3 vinyl—Chewyfoot: The voices and guitars of “Eye Is Not Seen” surge as if these self-conscious suburban eclecticists are actually worked up about something, and parts of “Unique Scenic Drive” push toward Televisionary crescendos. Elsewhere, the band recalls Sonic Youth, Pavement, the Pop Group, various New Zealanders, and everybody else who ever preferred low-tech to high, jagged to smooth, and chopped-up to put- together-right. There’s the punk-jazz of “A Tree Fall,” the country-noise balladry of “Arc of a Worm’s Trail,” and others that slough their styles too quickly to be typed. If the Sloat were only subversive enough to be tuneful, every alternative-rock A&R man in New York would be trying right now to figure out the difference between McLean, Tysons Corner, and Great Falls. Theme song for their expedition? The Sloat’s “Slouching Toward Dulles,” of course. The album is $6 (checks payable to Patrick Foster) from Sweet Portable You, 1937 Kennedy Dr., T-2, McLean, VA 22102.