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Poster Children

Twin Tone/Reprise/Sire

While Junior Citizen is Poster Children’s third record for Sire (yet another diversionary label covering the face of megacorp Time Warner) the disc scrupulously pursues an indie-pop ethic, both in sound (noisy guitars spliced with alluring melodies) and packaging (the faux-Japanese iconographic thing). But despite the Children’s alternative stance, Citizen is decidedly more polished than the average release from, say, Boner Records. On exuberant tracks like “Get a Life” and “Revolution Year Zero” the Champaign, Ill., quartet’s gleeful dissonance is strengthened by smooth production values, as is the quieter “He’s My Star.” And if Citizen‘s sound occasionally approximates that of fellow Illinis Smashing Pumpkins, Poster Children offers a creative excuse, explaining in the press release that music more than a year old is “obsolete,” so “musicians can continue to create without worrying about being compared to some catalogued old band.” Interesting. But will it work for copyright?