“Colors, textures, and groove” might seem like an unlikely program title for a fortysomething jazz quartet. But it’s this sort of restrained looseness that distances Supernova’s music from the perfunctory ruminations of jazz’s more youthful, and yes, more celebrated younger lions. Supernova can burn through all of the Blakeyesque chops one can handle, yet still remember how to bring the beats-per-minute down to a slow simmer. As led by area drummer Nasar Abadey (pictured), the group possesses the serenity to be in the tradition, the courage to be of the tradition, and the wisdom to know the difference. The group also features D.C. bassist James King, and New York-based Joe Ford and Gerry Eastman on reeds and guitar, respectively. At 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday at One Step Down, 2517 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. $12.50. (202) 331-8863. (Bobby Hill)