Lois doesn’t live here anymore (she’s back in Olympia, Wash.), but the punk-folkie did record four of the five songs on her new Shy Town EP at Arlington’s Inner Ear, with Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye producing. The title song is from her new album, Bet the Sky—which features another Fugazateer, Brendan Canty, playing a bit of guitar, harmonica, and organ—but the others are otherwise unavailable. Of those, the standout is the brief “Hey! Antoinette,” whose stop-start structure and ascending-vocal hook render it perhaps the poppiest track MacKaye’s ever supervised—and one of three songs in a row in which the singer/songwriter trills, “Hey!” at somebody. Both discs were released by K, P.O. Box 7154, Olympia, WA 98507.