It’s tough to create metal- tinged industrial music these days without being compared to Ministry or Nine Inch Nails. Between the former’s movement to a guitar-dominated sound and the latter’s proclivity for electronic mixes, these outfits have the spectrum pretty well covered. Still, Chemlab produces a noteworthy sound on Magnetic Field Remixes by floating in the middle, smoothly employing squealing guitar solos and throbbing electronic drums as needed. Available from local label Fifth Colvmn Records (and distributed by Metal Blade), Magnetic achieves the kind of desperate mechanical angst that industrial wanna-bes like Low Pop Suicide and Cop Shoot Cop habitually fall short of. The two mixes of “Chemical Halo,” featuring the distorted nasal scorn of vocalist (and former 9:30 Club manager) Jared, are vigorous doses of shuddering animosity, while “21st Century” plays to the dance audience. Also included with Magnetic is Chemlab’s first EP, 10 Ton Pressure, which tends toward a pedestrian industrial mix, but nonetheless makes a worthwhile coda for the group’s new material.