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Local guitar virtuoso Pete Kennedy and the artist formerly known as MauraO’Connell have just released River of Falling Stars, the first CD since their partnership became matrimonial as well as professional. At times, River‘s lyrics flow toward the ponderous, as in the disc’s opening couplet: “There are poems in the seaweed/Down by the snowcross.” But Pete’s jangly guitar work—“Same Old Way,” is dedicated to the Byrds, though many other cuts here are just as obviously a tribute to McGuinn and company—and Maura’s silky Nanci Griffith-ish vocals keep the proceedings fun. River‘s standout is a faithful cover of the Richard and Linda Thompson classic, “Wall of Death.” Kennedy and O’Connell’s nuptials would seem to make any and all of the Thompsons’ material an unlikely choice, given the duo’s much-publicized split after “Wall” was released. Thankfully, these Kennedys aren’t a superstitious lot. Green Linnet, 43 Beaver Brook Rd., Danbury, CT 06810.