JANUARY 27 & 28

Actor Gregory Ford has been mixing passion into the lives of characters for a couple of decades now—in plays at Off the Circle Rep, MetroStage, Ford’s Theater, and other establishments. Now, in Stridin’ All Over My Heaven, he’s presenting the passion straight. This multimedia presentation explores how black men express love and trust among themselves. Stridin’ opens with the words, “I would like for heaven to have all the everyone that I have ever had sex with,” and includes monologues, dialogues, and slides of dancers Ajax Joe Drayton and Larry D. Davis (pictured). At 8 p.m. at Dance Place, 3225 8th St. NE. $12 (benefits the Inner Light Unity Fellowship Church and the local AIDS service organization Us Helping Us). For reservations call (202) 269-1600. (Bob Mondello)