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Glam’s not dead, but it’s been on life support since bands like Metallica redefined heavy metal. And while the party-boy metal stylings that ruled mid- and late-’80s hard rock may never recover from the ascendance of ultra-fierce bands like Pantera (or, for that matter, fey punk acts like Offspring), there will always be a couple of groups here and there peeling off unpolished riffs and yearning for those spandex-clad glory days. On its seven-song EP TV Star, San Francisco’s Loaded, like glam role model Kiss, repeatedly addresses such topics as booze ‘n’ drugs, while playing its instruments with the kind of endearing sloppiness that suggests the quartet indulges in a fair amount of both. As usual, this kind of stuff is best when the songs are short—the meandering guitar solos of “Pink Dust” and the title track are somewhat trying—so standouts like “Glitterdoll” and “Mountain” wisely couple their appropriately Aerosmith-style strut with abbreviated track times.