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It’s three stories high with a wingspan of 18 feet. It snorts fire and shoots SCUD-size sparks. It’s Dinosaurus Rox, the world’s first jet-powered, transforming, robotic beast, and it’s the star of the “U.S. Hot Rod Motor Jam.” The tourney also boasts monster truck contests, quad wars (wherein dueling truck teams wage ruleless battles), and cycle wars (during which riders spar on Supercross bikes 30 feet in the air). But watch out for the main attraction: Even monster trucks like the Grave Digger (pictured) are as puny as Hot Wheels compared to the colossal Dinosaurus. We can only hope that this sort of gas-guzzling, smoke-and-fire-spewing spectacle will keep pro baseball out of business forever. At 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 2 p.m. Sunday at the USAir Arena, Landover. $14-16. (301) 350-3400. (Eddie Dean)