FROM THE TONE OF HIS “holiday greetings” (“Loose Lips,” 12/23/94), Loose Lips has obviously become a flack of RAC (the Residential Action Coalition). Regrettably, however, RAC has now become very much an “acquired taste” due to the great many substitutions offered on its new menu. It now features a hammer instead of a gavel, radical zealotry instead of rational discourse, “gag rule” instead of free speech, and “elections” à la North Korea. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Mr. Lips and his family for his succumbing to such a “totalitarian” diet. I am confident, however, that with proper rest, convalescence, and prayer, he can “get over it” in the new year. What could be a better new year’s resolution for him and his readers?

Do it for us, Loose baby!

Dupont Circle