FROM ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE (What the Critic [Artifacts, 1/6] Must Always Keep in Mind): My spontaneous gratification button is out of order. But what is worse is this funny feeling I have inside my nose. It will not go away. I feel like I am going to sneeze at any second now. I just wish I could scratch my nose and make it disappear. But, of course, that’s a silly thought. I am a painting and I cannot do things like that. And, believe me, I understand my being a forehead and being a Bert besides is making the situation even more frustrating. But I silently remain amused because you have no idea what is going on. You see, perhaps your analyses and criticisms have missed the point. You do not even mention this funny feeling in my nose. Perhaps you simply cannot relate because I am a painting. Human beings can have little compassion, if you, like, know what I mean, man.

Capitol Hill