Magic Dick & Jay Geils


A blast from the past in several ways, former J. Geils Band members Magic Dick and Jay Geils reunite and return to the more acoustic, Chicago-style blues that their previous group abandoned for such glossy pop hits as “Centerfold.” The current quintet offers 13 loose, soft shuffles and midtempo jump tunes that don’t rock the house as much as sway it. As with the band that carried his name, guitarist Geils seems content to let others claim the limelight. On this disc, harmonica-player Dick moves to center stage. His harp punches muscular riffs and accents throughout, though his vocals tend to be on the thin side. It’s an earnest if lighthearted effort, with songs like “She’s the No Sleepinest Woman” and “The Coolest Cat in the Car” typical of the “we’ve got the blues but we’re not quite depressed” attitude.