Disco Inferno


Disco Inferno’s tongue-in-cheek name belies its determinedly difficult music: There is nothing campy about the English trio’s eloquent nihilism. After making an album and two singles of effects-laden post-punk, the ensemble traded in its instruments for sampling equipment and went to work on a ’90s version of musique concrète. The result is D.I. Go Pop, whose found sounds are organized around a melodic bass line, an occasional beat (usually rhythmically off-center), and spoken-word diatribes rallying against…well…everything. There is a morose beauty to this chaotic record, like the exhilaration of coming off a particularly nauseating carnival ride. But this is not Reznor-style arena-anthem angst: The kids won’t be humming these angry tunes. While songs like “Even the Sea Sides Against Us” seem to sum up the band’s philosophy, “Footprints in the Snow” is a tender lullaby, full of hesitant hope.