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Our staff is accustomed to dealing with a wide variety of visitors, from prostitutes to politicians. But last week, we had a guest for the record books. A woman wearing a long fur coat asked the receptionist if she could use the restroom. Per our policy, she was told that we did not have a public bathroom, and given directions to the closest one. A protracted verbal exchange and staring contest with the receptionist ensued. Finally, the woman broke eye contact and, with the assistance of another Washington City Paper employee, placed a couple of real estate classified ads. After the classifieds were completed, and the woman and the receptionist were again alone in the lobby, the customer squatted and began tugging at her clothing under her coat. When she stood up, she waved a pair of wet, royal blue, satin, boxer-style underwear in the receptionist’s face. “This is what happens when you don’t let people use the bathroom. I knew I was going to embarrass myself. Happy New Year!” she screamed as she stormed out. A puddle check of the lobby carpet proved positive.