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Though the Dismemberment Plan’s name seems better suited to a stereotypical metal outfit (it’s actually from the movie Groundhog Day), the quartet’s latest tape delivers more of its buzzing indie-rock-guitar-meets-art-pop sound. The Plan’s Inner Ear-recorded five-song demo demonstrates its ongoing interest in melding Fugazi-style anger, alternately sung and shouted semimelodic vocals, and quirky art-rock instrumental and vocal mannerisms. Like the band’s previous material (two demo tapes and a single), this cassette works best on cuts like “Rusty,” on which the Planners streamline their attack, emphasizing singer Travis Morrison’s tuneful, clear-voiced anthemic choruses rather than his occasional employment of hardcore shouting or overindulgent cleverness. The tape, which also includes the band’s previous recorded work, is available for $2 from the Dismemberment Plan at 8642 Victoria Rd., Springfield, VA 22151.