Are you: the proud owner of a new modem? Desperately trying to find something to justify your purchase? Nauseatingly hip? Well, how about logging onto I.M.P.’s section of the DigitalNATION bulletin board system (BBS)? Sure, the thing’s a direct-advertising gimmick for I.M.P. and the 9:30 Club, featuring events calendars, bios on upcoming attractions, downloadable band pictures and soundbites, and so on, but the board also features a clubgoers’ suggestion box and a D.C. music board that’s so bold as to plug shows at different venues. While my experience indicates that the BBS is not closely attended by I.M.P. staffers (the 9:30 Club calendar hadn’t been updated for a month) and has some other irritating kinks (“access denied” to “New Music Chat”), it’s sure as hell cooler than You can log on to DigitalNATION by dialing (703) 642-0453.