SINCE JEANNE COOPER left the Washington Post, you guys have had the best theater reviewer in D.C., hands down (Lloyd Rose has great analytic powers but is hampered by eighth-grade reading/listening comprehension skills, and while the Washington Times‘ Nelson Pressley has good taste, he seldom has any valuable analysis and he’s no writer—to put it kindly).

So what’s my beef? Bob Mondello only rarely reviews the kind of theater I like to see. Do I sound self-absorbed? Well, I can’t be the only person in the District who’d have preferred knowing Mondello’s opinion on Woyzek to knowing his opinion on My Life as Kim Novak.

Your Dec. 23, 1994, issue is the same old bag; why review Capote at Yaddo and Crash and Burns? Neither of these is a worthwhile script and neither is produced by an important theater (Studio may be a big deal, but not their second stage!). If Mondello wants to help out the little guys, he could pick better shows to review. Was that remark about Ally Currin’s persona on and offstage a clue? Reviewers aren’t supposed to socialize with the actors they review.

Come on, Bob, D.C.’s legit theater needs you! How about Black Nativity? Please review Stage Guild’s Game of Love and Chance…for me, Bob?