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ETELKA LEHOCZKY, IN HER review of The Junky’s Christmas and Other Yuletide Stories (Books,12/23/94), writes of William Burroughs’ title story: “Burroughs’ writing hasn’t developed much in the past 30 years, and he struggles here to differentiate his gritty vision from that of the angry young men…who have surpassed him in cynicism. But the redemptive glow that suffuses this tale only establishes Burroughs more firmly on the wrong side of the generational divide.”

If the reviewer had taken the trouble to look on the back of the title page, she would have seen that Burroughs’ story first appeared in Interzone in 1989, and if she had taken the trouble to look at Interzone, she would have seen that it is a collection of Burroughs’ early writings, and that this particular story was written about 40 years ago. In addition, the reviewer gives too much of the story away, and misses the fact that it is satirical, if not subversive, rather than redemptive. Other than that, it’s a fine review.

Baltimore, Md.