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THE HOLIDAYS MEANS IT’S time for Bob Mondello’s annual whine about the National Endowment for the Arts (“Arts in Review,” 12/23/ 94). Before he writes about the joys of grant-making again, my message to Mondello is to get over it! And while Mondello does, here are two questions for him:

1.) If it’s all right for the government to pay for theater tickets, can we get the government to help pay for my Orioles tickets? They cost a lot! I would also like a federal grant for an Orioles jacket, which will enhance my aesthetic profile in the community.

2.) Before Michael Kahn poormouths about the Shakespeare Theater again, he should tell us the titles and salaries of the five highest-paid people in his organization. Then he should tell us why the taxes of people in Wichita and Spokane ought to subsidize these salaries.

Silver Spring, Md.