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Standout Track: No. 3, “Fuck Bar Culture,” a vintage hardcore flameout that clocks in at 49 seconds—39 if you don’t count the blasts of feedback that bookend the tune. Metal chugging gives way to a double-time S.O.A.-style explosion, as 21-year-old vocalist Nick Candela hollers, “Young professional getting ahead/Sick of life, already dead.” Then, slamming the point home: “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck bar culture.”

Musical Motivation: The four members of Coke Bust are straight-edge, but Candela insists that they aren’t a straight-edge band. “We have lots of friends who go to bars. The name of the song isn’t ‘Fuck Bars’—a lot of people misunderstand that,” he explains. Instead it’s more of a “fuck you” to hardcore scene sellouts. “We fucking hate the Black Cat. We hate all of the dance-night shit,” he says. “When you get older, you start to get over hardcore. You associate it as a youth culture, and you move on to something else—dance parties, girls dressing up like Betty Page, guys sitting at a bar DJing crappy Britpop. It’s something that you do when you get jaded.”

Land Speed Record: Speed—the temporal kind—has a lot to do with Coke Bust’s aesthetic. The entire Fuck Bar Culture EP lasts only four-and-a-half minutes. “We try to take modern hardcore and speed it up,” says Candela of Coke Bust’s methodology. “Shows are 12 minutes—I don’t think it’s ever more than 15. We already started working on our full length. There will be 15 tracks—12 to 14 minutes tops.”—Aaron Leitko

Coke Bust plays Wednesday, Sept. 26, at the Bobby Fisher Memorial Building.