It’s fitting that Uz Jsme Doma (pronounced “oosh-smeh-dough-ma”) is coming to Washington, D.C., a couple of weeks after the Plastic People of the Universe: If the People embody the resolve of the Czech underground during Soviet rule in the ’70s, then Uz Jsme Doma represents the complicated noise waiting to erupt before the Communists fell in 1990. UJD frontman Miroslav Wanek favors comparisons to the Residents, Pere Ubu, and other punkish iconoclasts, but he’ll tell you straight up that he’s no son of Zappa. That is, Wanek sees himself as more than a grand mischief-maker: His lyrics are deeply symbolic (and hold up in translation), while the band’s high-intensity, horn-accented tunes generally have a boot on the ground. The name says a lot, too: “Uz jsme doma” translates directly as “we’re home now,” but idiomatically the phrase is more like “now I get it” or “there we go.” Uz Jsme Doma performs with Capillary Action at 9 p.m. monday, oct. 8, at the Black Cat, 1811 14th St. NW. $10. (202) 667-7960.