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The Charge: Unlawful Possession of Firearm

The Record: On Oct. 27, 2006, defendant Leroy Gamble was riding along Savannah Street SE when officers pulled over the car after the driver failed to brake at multiple stop signs. As cops approached the vehicle, passenger Gamble “seemed to be very nervous and was shaking.” Then, police noticed an open 24-ounce can of Icehouse beer in the center of the car. As Gamble exited the vehicle, “he reached toward the area” where officers later discovered a black and silver 9mm Taurus handgun. “The handgun was fully loaded and appeared to be operable.”

Convicted: 9/28/07


Lawyer: “I understand that he’s on probation, but he’s doing very, very well,” says Chantaye Redmon-Reid of the Law Offices of Chantaye Redmon-Reid. “Although he’s here being sentenced on September the 28th, obviously this offense was committed in October 2006, and he has managed to not run afoul of the law since then.” He has a steady job at Armani Exchange in Pentagon City, he has a stable family environment, and he seems to have distanced himself from the bad crowd he was running with a year ago. “[Gamble] does not have a high school diploma, but he is still out there working. He is ‘on the grind,’ as my daughter would say, trying to make a way for himself.”

Convict: “Like my lawyer has stated, I have made some wrong decisions, like everybody does,” says Gamble. “I’m bright enough, smart enough…I’d like to ask that you don’t dismantle what I have going on as far as work, being an employee, taking care of myself…”


The Sentence: One-hundred-eighty days in jail, execution of sentence suspended as to all. One year of supervised probation; $100 assessed under the Victims of Violent Crime Compensation Act of 1996 is due by Sept. 29, 2008.